Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Go by bike day breakfast Wellington

With coworkers in tow the bike blender got an outing at Wellington's annual celebration of bike commuting. I've been to this breakfast a few times over the years and it seems to be getting more popular and the number of freebies ever more excellent. Awesome. I've always found it the event little bit like going to church - a solidarity with the biking congregation, a bit of an uplifting ritual, but a bit humourless and polite as well. So it was great to be there with the blender to inject a bit of bike culture into the morning. There were heaps of people interested in how it all worked and impressed with the fun of it and the results. We gave away heaps of smoothies which many hard case cyclists simply mixed with their coffee or cereal.

For the record we blended up a straight blueberry banana smoothie with honey, yogurt and milk - really nice, a perfect biker's breakfast.

It was also neat to see Frocks on Bikes folk at the event and one frocker blended a smoothie, red heels and all. On leaving I found a Frocks on Bikes calling card in my riding glove with an instruction to pass it on - so that's pasted above as well.

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