Monday, August 17, 2009

Blending in

One of the questions I get about the blender is along the lines of "is this a gimic?; are you actually going to use this as a legit appliance?" I'm happy to report that so far the blender has become part of the appliance scene in the Stuart household. So far there have been afternoon smoothies and grinding peanuts for a satay sauce. In summer when outdoor dining and cool foods become more the go, I'm expecting even more every day use. The blender has turned out to be really

One of the great things has been taking friends at the house 'out the back for a blend'. It's just fun and I think most of the neighbours like living next to someone who is a bit eccentric.

The blender is a lot quicker to set up than I thought which is making it realistic to pop out to the shed for a few revs.

On the drawing board for the blender are some shared lunches, street party and birthday party margaritas