Monday, July 13, 2009

Birth of the smoothie revolution

This site is a hitching post for thoughts and projects aimed at making my thinking and actions less straight and more round(ed). For starters that means a bike blender . 

Here are some opening clips of the bike blender getting set up and in action for its inaugural smoothies (berries, banana, milk), which were pretty flash for the middle of winter. All said the blender works great even on the lower revs of the mountain bike. The smoothies were nicely thick without being too chunky and I really think the taste could be superior to an in the wall blender. Can anyone argue against me that non-electric smoothies taste better? 


  1. That looks like a lot of fun. Can you attach it to different bikes?

  2. Hi Johanna. Yes you can attach this blender to any mountain bike or road bike.... Having said that I had no luck with my wife's mountain bike because the carrier wouldn't fit properly. But I think most orthodox mountain or road bikes that can fit a rear carrier will be fine. Of course you can make your own to fit your particular bike but I'm not very technically minded so took the easy route. Here is a link to a DIY version:

    I have seen a few examples of blenders placed on the front of smaller bikes but I think the smaller wheel and the lack of gears would limit your revs per minute.

    Hope this helps!